Salome-Meca for Windows

Salome-Meca official version is only available for Linux. We provide a port for Windows users, freely available in our download page. This product includes AsterStudy module. We will continue to offer a free version for the next releases.

Code_Aster and MPI parallelism

The Salome-Meca official EDF package for Linux available for free on download page is shipped without Code_Aster MPI parallelism. With MPI parallelism active, you may get benefits from multi-core cpu and reduce computation time.

We provide Code_Aster binaries with MPI parallelism for both Linux and Windows. These versions may be available as binary package for Linux workstation depending to your operating system or may be rebuild in your cluster taking account of a special configuration. For Windows, MPI parallelism is available in premium offer.

Theses binaries may be used standalone or fully integrated in the official Salome-Meca asterstudy module.

Cloud computing

We provide Code_Aster MPI versions for cloud computing installations. Version is 14.6 is installed and available at our partner CFD_FEA service. You can register using this link to give it a try!

Code_Aster binaries for Windows

As Salome-Meca, Code_Aster is officially distributed for Linux only. We provide a port for Windows users as a standalone package. We propose two editions: Code_Aster Windows free and Code_Aster Windows premium.

Code_Aster Windows free Code_Aster Windows premium
System Windows 10 / Windows 11 Windows 10 / Windows 11
Architecture 64 bits 64 bits
Platform x86-64 (AMD64) x86-64 (AMD64)
Available versions v2023 : 15.9 & 16.5 v2023 : 15.9 & 16.5
v2021 : 14.8 & 15.4 v2021 : 14.8 & 15.4
v2019 : 14.4
Available options Med, Mumps, Scotch +MPI, Miss3d (on demand: Petsc, Mfront, Homard)
Parallelism No Yes

Code_Aster Windows free

Code_Aster Windows free is available in our download page. It is a sequential edition that includes the most important core features and covers more than 90% of the functionality of Code_Aster. As it is a 64 bits version, memory allocation and size of your models are only limited by your machine resources. It makes this version capable of resolving most of industrial cases as long as your configuration supports it.

The free edition can be used for teaching and academic research as well as for business and industry. We do not offer bug fixe or support for this version. It is a non optimized version without MPI parallelism.

Code_Aster Windows premium

Code_Aster Windows premium is elaborated for production environment and focus on performances and robustness. MPI parallelism is active to fully benefit from multi-core cpu and reduce computation time. This edition covers more Code_Aster options. Two offers are available:

Features \ Offer Professional Development
Available versions v2023 v2023
Lease Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Workstations 1 Unlimited
Model Size Unlimited Unlimited
Core number / workstation Unlimited Unlimited
Bug fix updates No 2 years
Technical support Setup* Yes
Price (excluding taxes) 450 € ~2000 €

*Setup technical support includes installation assistance, coverage of any abnormal test case crash in your environment and help to get started with the premium version, assuming you already are familiar with Code_Aster Windows free

Development offer includes a re-packaged version in which some binaries may need to be rebuilt for specific needs. This version is suited to deploy a product based on a custom Code_Aster in a Windows environment, whether you are the final user or a provider for third-party customers. A rebuilt may be necessary in the following examples:

  • porting your Fortran Code_Aster development made on Linux to Windows,
  • extend a Code_Aster existing feature or correct a blocking issue,
  • build the latest testing or unstable version to use some Code_Aster innovations on Windows.