Salome-Meca and Code_Aster open-source

Open source access allows to add anything needed to these two softwares, from a single missing option, to the extension of a new feature.


We develop Python plugins and C++ modules that connect in Salome, usable by Python scriptin or within the graphical interface.


Code_Aster developments, in Fortran and Python, allow to add or extend to:

  • a new element,
  • a material or behaviour,
  • a link,
  • some additional outputs,
  • Python macro-commands to facilitate data entry.

We will then build your own version (for Linux or Windows environment).

Business tools and customization

Code_Aster, as a multi-disciplinary solver, can be integrated into your FEA environment. We develop dedicated Qt graphical interfaces and adapt low-level programming (C, C++).

Please keep in touch and Contact us to let us know about your needs. Together we will work out the most suitable solution.