SimulEase is an initiative created by a group of independent workers, wishing to combine their know-how in order to make FEA more accessible.

High-level and low-cost solutions

Our mission is to promote affordable, convenient and high-level solutions in numerical simulation field, especially by enhance them and ease their adoption. Softwares in our range of solutions are free of charge or at low cost compared to industry standards.


We offer a range of services around Code_Aster, Europlexus and Salome_Meca.


Windows environment

Code_Aster and Salome_Meca are officially released by EDF R&D for Linux environment only. We have built the Code_Aster for Windows website to expand access to these powerful softwares.

  • Asterstudy allows graphical data entry for Code_Aster command file and Code_Aster launch
    Salome_Meca 2021 for Windows with AsterStudy and Code_Aster is available for download