About Us

SimulEase is a group of compagnies and freelancers who get involved in numerical simulation. We are experts of Code_Aster, both in development and in use. We provide the website Code_Aster for Windows.

We are based in Paris area.

Presentation of SimulEase members

Etienne Cheignon :
Specialized in scientific computing, I have an experience of 8 years in development of Code_Aster and Europlexus.
I founded my company ISEMA in 2014.



Luca Dall’Olio :
I have more than 15 years of experience in project and team management, software analysis and IT consulting.
I have worked in several domains between France and Italy: banking, public administration, scientific applications. Currently CEO at Alter Ego Engineering.



Maximilien Siavelis :
After being graduated as Engineer from Ecole Centrale de Nantes, specialized in mechanical engineering, I successfully achieved a PhD at IFPEN.
I have performed different missions as expert in computer science and FE software development for many companies for more than 9 years.
I founded my own company in 2016.